• Pool Cafe / Dishwasher

    NorthStar Golf Club
    Job Description
    NorthStar Golf Club is currently looking for 1-2 employees to finish the season at the pool cafe and join us at the clubhouse tin the fall! 

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities (Pool Cafe):
    • Prepare a small menu of food items.
    • Complete simple transactions via point of sale system
    • Maintain a clean and tidy work area
    • Simple kitchen prep work (i.e. portioning frozen foods, dicing tomatoes, etc...)
    • Overseeing front desk of the pool, keeping track of members and public that enter and exit the facility
    • Follow opening and closing guidelines daily
    • Perform all other duties as assigned by supervisor
    Essential Duties and Responsibilities (Dishwasher):
    • Scrape food from dirty plates into the trash and place dishes neatly into the dish machine to be washed.
    • Wash pots, pans, trays, serving dishes, plates, utensils and all other kitchen or restaurant ware.
    • Ensure dish machine is clean and working properly.
    • Sweep and mop kitchen floor and other areas at the end of shifts..
    • Keep all kitchen, storage and prep areas clean and tidy.
    • Take out trash and rinse trash receptacles when necessary.
    • Perform all other duties as designated by supervisor.

    Education and/or Experience:
    No experience required


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