• News Release - Columbus Dispatch - TIME TO RALLY COLUMBUS!: 3/24/2020

    Time To Rally, Columbus!
    For nearly 150 years, The Columbus Dispatch has stood as a beacon of truth and a pillar of consistency during our city and nation’s toughest times.

    Our editorial staffers have been dedicating themselves to keeping central Ohioans up to date on how they’ll be affected by COVID-19. All stories related to the virus are available to read at dispatch.com/topics/coronavirus.

    The Dispatch will continue to publish and deliver the news uninterrupted during these times, and also will continue to provide information and be a support to you and to the community.  We are experiencing unprecedented times and I can’t pretend to understand what so many of our advertisers and business partners are going through.

    All our team and I can do is empathize and offer our help.

    To start, LOCALiQ Columbus has launched a customer support program that includes, options to help you navigate these tough times. Our team is here to help.
    We are also offering a webinar on Friday to provide useful information on how to navigate your business during this crisis. There are 2 times available to allow you to fit this into your schedule. Please sign up to participate right here.

    Our company has also launched a website to help support our local businesses. On this site, you can search for a local business, you can add a business to the list, and you can help support local businesses by purchasing a gift card to enjoy later.

    Please visit the site here.

    Our goal is to continue to be a resource and partner with you as we navigate these uncharted waters. I am confident that, together, we will get through this. We are certainly thinking of you, your colleagues, employees and families during this time.

    Chris Pettograsso
    Vice President of Sales
    LOCALiQ | Columbus
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