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Chamber Energy Program

Community Energy Advisors (CEA) is a Public Utilities Commission of Ohio certified energy management firm that educates and empowers organizations of all sizes to maximize the economics of their energy assets. Through the Chamber Energy Program, CEA provides Chamber members with Education, Savings, and Protection on both regulated and deregulated energy expenses. With a credible partner looking out for your bottom-line, members enjoy peace of mind and budget-ability when it comes to your utility costs.

Education - The regulated and deregulated energy markets are increasingly complex. To aid you in remaining proactive, making informed decisions, and budgeting your utility expenses, CEA provides timely and relevant information.

 Protection - To help protect you from scams, fraudulent activity, and unexpected costs, CEA provides informative emails, blog posts, and seminars and manages your contracts to ensure you avoid monthly variable rates.

 Savings - Paying more than you should for electricity and natural gas can add up to thousands of lost dollars that you could be investing back into your business. The Chamber Energy

Program creates “market power” by shopping members together, driving suppliers to compete for their business and ultimately reducing energy prices. Ensure you are paying the most competitive market rates by enrolling in the program!

A sample of members saving money:

  • In Montgomery County, a residence reduced their natural gas rate by 37%.
  • A non-profit in Little Miami saved $1,700 annually and filed for their natural gas sales tax exemption.
  • A small commercial building in Fayette County reduced their energy rates by 10%.
  • In Franklin County, a small commercial building reduced their electric and gas costs by $340 per year.
  • A residence in Clintonville saved $440 on their annual electricity costs.
  • In Fostoria, a funeral home saved $1,500 per year on their electricity and natural gas supply.
  • One chamber member in Van Wert enrolled their small business and home in the program, saving a total of nearly $400 per year.
  • A non-profit community center in Olmsted saved $960 annually and utilized their tax exemption to eliminate their natural gas sales tax.
  • Residential members in the Heights-Hillcrest area recently reduced their energy rates by over 40%.
  • In Willoughby, a bar/restaurant with multiple locations saved $2,500 annually on their electricity and natural gas.
  • A small manufacturer in Medina reduced their annual energy costs by $1,800.
  • In Solon, a residence saved over $1,000 per year on their electricity.
  • Another residence, located in Olmsted, reduced their annual electricity costs by over $1,200.
  • A bakery in Lakewood saved $2,000 annually on their electric and natural gas, while also reducing their natural gas sales tax.
  • In Highland County, a chiropractor reduced their electric supply rate by 9%.
  • In Willoughby, a member saved over $1,200 per year on their veterinary clinic’s energy costs and over $100 on their home’s.
  • One Ohio-based learning center filed to eliminate their natural gas sales tax while also reducing their annual energy spend by $1,300!
  • A restaurant in Lakewood saved $1,000 per year on their utilities and reduced their natural gas sales tax by 57%.
  • An owner of a hair salon in Middleburg Heights reduced his home natural gas rate by 40% while saving $750 on his business’ annual energy costs.

If you would like to obtain a free quote to see how much you can save on your electricity and natural gas, simply choose one of the following options.

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